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CCI Surety is a national leader in utilizing the US SBA Bond Guarantee Program

SBA Quick Application

Surety SBA Bond Program Application

The SBA Bond Guarantee Program is designed to help small businesses obtain the bonds they need to participate on larger projects that require bonds. In recent years the program has been streamlined to help make it more accessible. We are experienced in utilizing the program and helps many contractors each year obtain bonds they might not have otherwise been able to obtain.


Business Size

Allowable business sizes are based on total sales and the number of employees and are determined by the company’s NAICS code. Total sales can be as much as $33.5M in some cases.

Financial Documents

Small contractors have varying levels of financial reporting and the SBA Bond Program allows for varying levels of reporting based on contract size. One time exceptions to standard financial requirements may be allowed for some SBA Bond requests.


- Fiscal Year End (FYE) statement prepared within 90 days
- Minimum 6-month interim statement
- Bank line verification

Financial Statement Requirements:

Project Size



Up to $1.0M



(Possible with verification)

Up to $1.0M



(Standard requirements)

$1.0M – $2.0M



(Possible one-time exception)

$1.0M – $2.0M



(Standard requirements)


Additional Tools
(For Negative or Insufficient Working Capital)
Escrow Agreements/Funds Control + 5% Escrow Deposit: The SBA Bond Program recognizes the value of utilizing escrow agreements and funds control to potentially mitigate risk on projects. SBA Bonds can be issued by utilizing an escrow agreement and funds control process in addition to a 5% working capital deposit into the escrow account. This allows us to potentially issue an SBA Bond on accounts with negative working capital.

Additional Options: Although not typically used, additional forms of collateral or other considerations such as third party indemnity can also be utilized to approve a contractor for SBA Bonds.

Please contact us to see how the SBA Bond Program can apply to you or your client.

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